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Your Technical
Mold Specialist

Professional Injection Mold Solutions

Horizontal & Vertical Injection

2K molds

Insert Molding


Trial run &


~50 molds / year

Why Choose Sunplus

Cutting Edge Machining

We adapt our machining process to your needs.


We say what we do, and we do what we say.

No surprises.

Durable, High Quality Materials

Not all materials are made equals, we adjust the material to meet your mold life need.

Experienced Advisor Service

We've been around the plastic industry for quite a while.
We know how to advise you.


  • Do you have a factory ?
    We do not own a factory. As we have a broad range of customers, serving different industries, having a factory would not be sustainable. There is a plethora of moldmakers in the Shenzhen/Dongguan area, and we are very good at finding the ones that are the most adapted to our customer's needs.
  • How do you trial the molds
    Inhouse when we can or in trial factories. We check the mold thoroughly and spend a lot of effort checking and pushing the mold to its limit before shipping. The last thing we want is a mold with problems when arriving at our customer's factory.
  • Except injection molds, what else do you do?
    With our engineering background and our 15 years experience in production in China, we are quick to grasp pretty much any production process. Not saying we'll be expert on it, just we pick up quickly. We've helped some customer's with their PCB problem, printing problems, assembling problems, communication problems... If you want a second opinion, just ask us.
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