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Who we are

SUNPLUS was created in 2005 in Shenzhen/China as a engineering company for all projects related to the plastic industry

As of 2022 our turnover splits as follow:

80% on injection molds

10% on production of plastic parts

10% on sourcing and services.



All our suppliers are in a 2 hours drive from our office.

We stay local for your global needs

We communicate in English, Chinese and French.

With our professional experience, no bad surprises with us
Quality, cost and leadtime are tightly followed.

Core Values


We're always on the lookout for innovations to improve our mold build.

And Shenzhen is definitely the right city for that...


We don't hide what we do and where your products are built. You are more than welcome to join us visit our factories.


We speak chinese, english, french.

Asks us anything, we welcome complicated projects!

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